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Welcome to my official website. Any content that I make and share will be up for download via this website.

Tekkit Classic Reloaded

A faithful Tekkit reboot

Tekkit Classic Reloaded (or TCR for short) is essentially a Minecraft version port of the classic pack. However, over the years some mods have become obsolete while somewhere else another amazing mod was created. These obsolete mods have been removed and some very popular mods have been added to the bunch with the goal of maintaining the original Tekkit experience.

One of the main focusses was to retain the playstyle that Tekkit brought. In that sense, I tried to avoid adding mods like Thermal Expansion and EnderIO to move players to actually make Forestry farms and Industrialcraft machines.

Containing just 65 mods in total, TCR is an incredibly lightweight pack which allows for a wide range of machines to be able to run it!

Download TCR

Download the latest release of TCR by clicking the button!

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